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Nordic SeaFarm’s Seaweed At the Nobel Prize Dinner

Blue Food in the Blue Hall – Swedish Seaweed at this Year’s Nobel Banquet

Press Release, Gothenburg, Sweden, December 11, 2023

Several varieties of seaweed were served at the Nobel Banquet, including Sea Lettuce, Sugar Kelp, and Truffle Seaweed. The appetizer consisted of a yellow beets baked with seaweed and salt, accompanied by a cream made from seaweed from the West Coast. The Sea Lettuce and Sugar Kelp are sustainably cultivated by the Swedish west coast based company Nordic SeaFarm, which farms seaweed off the coast of Fjällbacka. This is the second consecutive year that Nordic SeaFarm has supplied seaweed to the Nobel Banquet.

“It’s incredibly exciting that our ingredients are selected by the Nobel Foundation and this year’s Nobel chef. It’s confirmation that the work we do contributes positively to the gastronomic landscape with new, nutritious, and sustainable products,”
says Simon Johansson, CEO of Nordic SeaFarm.

This year, chef Jacob Holmström curated the exclusive menu. Previously, he ran the prestigious restaurant Gastrologik on Artillerigatan in Stockholm and will be opening Restaurant Fyr in Tylösand in spring 2024. During his time at Gastrologik, his restaurant was awarded two Michelin stars and is renowned for working with and celebrating Swedish seasonal produce.

Nordic SeaFarm is especially proud of the salted Sea Lettuce (Ulva), which played a major role in the appetizer. Nordic SeaFarm is the first company in Europe to cultivate sea lettuce on a large scale in the ocean. Thanks to world-leading researchers, marine biologists, and the company’s founders, Nordic SeaFarm continues to push boundaries and develop seaweed cultivation in our Swedish seas. Seaweed is one of the world’s most sustainable ingredients, a true climate hero. It grows without irrigation or fertilizers, sequesters carbon and other nutrients, and increases marine biodiversity around the cultivation area. Nordic SeaFarm is a frontrunner in Sweden by offering seaweed to various industries. It’s not just a culinary delicacy but also a regenerative sustainable resource. Nordic SeaFarm has been pioneers in ocean farming since 2016, and their work in cultivating and providing ocean-farmed seaweed demonstrates their commitment to promoting sustainable food production. Its presence at the Nobel Banquet is recognition of Nordic SeaFarm’s successful efforts.

Nordic SeaFarm looks forward to continuing the development of seaweed cultivation in Sweden for sustainable and innovative food alternatives that not only enrich culinary culture but also promote a more sustainable planet and healthy oceans.