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Investor relations

At Nordic SeaFarm, we are navigating the waves of innovation to create a regenerative future catalyzed by seaweed. Pioneering new products under the surface, we are on a mission to make seaweed truly available to the masses and invite you to explore this journey together with us.

Why Invest in Nordic SeaFarm?

Leadership in Sustainability: We are at the forefront of the regenerative movement, leveraging seaweed’s unparalleled ability to sequester carbon and purify oceans. By investing in Nordic SeaFarm, you are aligning your portfolio with a company committed to environmental stewardship.

Innovative Technologies: Our cutting-edge technologies in seaweed cultivation and processing is a true differentiating factor. With a relentless pursuit of innovation, we are not just keeping up with industry trends — we aim to definine them.

Market Expansion and Diversification: As consumer and industrial preferences shift towards eco-conscious choices, seaweed’s versatile applications offer a gateway to new markets. Being a shareholder in Nordic SeaFarm means being part of a dynamic journey into sustainable business growth.

True Impact: Seaweed’s potential reaches far beyond our immediate shores. With ambitions to be the largest seaweed company in Europe, we are poised for true leadership, making your investment an integral part of a significant environmental and economic movement.

How to connect regarding investments:

For inquiries about investing in Nordic SeaFarm, please contact Simon Johansson, CEO [email protected] +46 72 019 21 83. We welcome the opportunity to connect and discuss the potential for a mutually rewarding partnership.

Thank you for considering Nordic SeaFarm as a part of your investment journey. Together, let’s ride the tide of innovation and sustainability.

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